Musical Gifts & General Accessories

Musical Gifts & General Accessories

Musical Gifts & General Accessories
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  • Finished in polished black. 
  • Height adjustable from 47-56cm
  • seat 55 x 32cm
  • Black velour inset
  • Other colours available.
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Product no.: UNVSUSPED

UNIVERSAL piano type sustain pedal (on/off type).

Compatible with all makes keybaords, digital pianos and electonic drim machines having a standard jack footswitch/sustain pedal port/pedal port.

Can be used as a sustain pedal or start/stop switch. Operation may be dependant on specification of instrument.

Connection : mono standard 6.25" Jack. 1.5m (5ft) cable.

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Product no.: UDBT01

YAMAHA UD-BT01 Universal Wireless MIDI Adaptor

  • Midi wirelss adapter for use with keyboards featuring a usb port
  • Allows the use of the amazing Yamaha IOS apps for full creative fullfilment of your electronic instrument.

Easy to connect and set up

UD-BT01 connects to your instrument’s USB-to-Host port and is extremely easy to set-up

You can use any USB-type AC adaptor to power the UD-BT01 (not supplied), enabling use of  a wide range of YAMAHA IOS Apps such as Digital Piano Controller, Chord Tracker, Piano Diary, Sound Controller and many more to operate wirelessly with your compatible Yamaha Avant Grand/Clavinova/Arius/ digital piano. Tyros Workstation or PSR compatible keyboard.

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