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Service calls to electronic musical instruments within 10 miles of base. (KY2 6DW). 

Covers up to 1 hour on site. Minimum charge 1hr. Additional time then subject to a pro rata charge. 

Mileage/travel charges willl be applicable outwith 10 miles radius for every visit.


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Product no.: LOUD NOTES

Loud notes is a common problem with all makes and models of digital piano where conductive rubber pads are used as the switching method. It is normally caused by wear/contamination of the contact system and develops with age.

If you are having issues with random loud note triggers on your digital piano, please email us with your model and its serial number for further advice on the most cpst effective way to solve these issues.

Please complete our ENQUIRY FORM . We aim to reply to your enquiry withing 24hrs.


Product no.: RATTLE

Excessive noisy/rattly keys is an indication that the damper felt has reached the end of its useful life.

For most makes and models, this is a relativey simple process to replace the felt(s). 

Typically, under normal use, felts will last around 5 years. However on some Yamaha Arius models, key rattle may become apparent before then depending on use.

The damper felt is easily replace and not too an expensive job. The action of your digital piano will feel like new again. 

If you have this problem, complete our online Enquiry Form remembering to give Make & Model and serial number if possible. We will then be able to email you a quotation to rectify this problem.

Alternatively simply email:


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